CORE Portfolio Strategy

CORE (Long Term Conservative) & ULTRA (2x Core):

The CORE Portfolio Strategy is designed to replace buy and hold, and the risk controls used by the strategy can be overlayed onto traditional portfolios of diversified stocks to achieve the same objective without triggering cap gains in those positions. CORE was designed by Thomas Kee as the post Credit Crisis stimulus phase came to an end. The Strategy is simple, nimble, and it focuses on risk control, with the understanding that performance is a natural byproduct of Risk Control, and Defense Wins Championships. In 2019 The CORE Portfolio Strategy had a Sortino Ratio of 34, with a 21% return, demonstrating its ability to have far less volatility than the market when markets increase steadily.

Then, during the Corona Crash in March 2020, when the Market was down over 16%, CORE was only down by 0.51%. That demonstrates its ability to protect large traditional buy and hold accounts from a market crash. Past performance is no guarantee of future results, but CORE was designed specifically to handle bad market conditions while maintaining an ability to work in the good times too, with less volatility, and that is exactly what it is doing. Please take a close look at CORE. We believe it is an integral part of every portfolio. CORE is offered as a traditional managed account, and Equity Logic can act as a third party manager for other advisors too, giving them the ability to differentiate.

Our ULTRA Core Strategy simply piggybacks the attractive risk metrics of our CORE Portfolio Strategy. ULTRA makes trades at the exact same time as CORE, but with 2x the exposure. It's objective is to gain 2x more than CORE when CORE is working, but the strategy can also lose 2x more than CORE when declines happen. ULTRA is a more volatile strategy than CORE as a result, but it seeks to piggback the risk metrics of CORE with an added Alpha kicker.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Substantial losses can come from investing in the Stock Market. Consult with your Financial Advisors before making any decision to invest. Performance results shown here come from actual managed accounts that participate in these strategies, taken from their brokerage accounts directly, and these have not been verified by third parties. Equity Logic Makes no claims or validations pertaining to the rankings provided by third parties.

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