Market Based Strategies with a Tail Risk Hedge (TRH) to help Avoid Market Crashes. See how that worked During the Corona Crash.

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Pensions, 401Ks, and Foundations

Board members have a fuduciary duty to do their beneficiaries. Your traditional advisors and money managers get paid to invest. They also have a vested interested in keeping you fully invested even when markets are about to crash, because that's how they receive fees, so it is your job to protect your beneficiaries when that is required. Equity Logic does both, we invest and protect, and give you an added value that other managers do not provide. Request more information.

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Don't be a Bull in Headlights

Our Models all agree, the Market moves up over time, but you must protect portfolios sometimes too. After the Corona Crash, the DJIA was avergaging only 4.15% per year for the past 20 years, and there were three major market crashes in between. Think about the difference if all you did was play defense once in a while. The Evitar Corte Model identifies when to do that using the FOMC as a guide. We provide our clients with this. Defense Wins Chamionships. More information.

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Taxable and Tax-Free Options

HNW clients often have large cap gain consequences in a diversified portfolio of stocks, which makes the traditional way of protecting an account tedious. We have a better way, one that can protect an entire taxable account within seconds without triggering cap gains. Protecting a tax-free account is even easier, and we use the most liquid instrument on the market to make this efficient. From there, Risk Control becomes a natural part of client Portfolios. More information.

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