CORE Portfolio Strategy

The Core Portfolio Strategy:

In this strategy Equity Logic seeks to neutralize portfolios when markets become overbought to help prevent the risk of decline in the case of declining markets, and it dos it without complex options trading and without reverting portfolios to cash. Our basis is the overbought indicator offered by The Sentiment Table. When overbought indicators surface the Core Portfolio is essentially neutralized to offset downside risk and when the overbought condition dissolves the hedge is lifted so the Core Portfolio is free to trade along with market conditions again.

It is our experience and belief that drives us to recommend this to virtually all persons who hold equity positions that are exposed to the market, especially those persons who, for whatever reason, do not want to sell those positions. This approach is also great for people who would incur large tax consequences if they sold existing positions, but who do not want to complicate hedging with complex and diminishing options techniques. We use one ETF instead, to keep it very simple.

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