We are an Advisory Business

Equity Logic is a Delaware Limited Liability Company. It is an Investment Advisory firm with an office in California. Thomas H. Kee Jr. is the principal owner and Managing Director.

Equity Logic provides managed account services and supervises those, but not supervisory services. Equity Logic specializes in managing proactively traded portfolios of US-based equities and ETFs. Market timing plays a critical role in this endeavor. Equity Logic invests in US equities and ETFs, but it does not invest in bonds, preferred stocks, or other asset classes unless those are part of equity-based investments such as ETFs which are traded on US exchanges. Instead, Equity Logic focuses on equity-based investments which are traded on established US stock exchanges. That may mean individual stocks, single-weighted ETFs, double-weighted ETFs, ETFs which have an embedded short bias, and ETFs which have an embedded long bias. That may also mean ETFs that engage in non-equity or foreign equity transactions, but those ETFs must trade on US Exchanges as equities themselves to qualify for investment consideration in Equity Logic Managed accounts.

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Always Invest in a Winning Team

Headshot TomHeadshot Tom
Thomas Kee
President & CEO
Managing Director
Headshot RandyHeadshot Tom
Randy Swan
Sub Advisor
Headshot ScottHeadshot Tom
Scott Kyle
Sub Advisor

Headshot BrianHeadshot Tom
Brian Lavoie

Disclaimer: Randy Swan, Scott Kyle, and Brian Lavoie are all employees of other advisory firms and those resources are used to engage the strategies offered by Equity Logic. Thomas Kee is the only official employee, and one of his responsibilities is to manage and oversee the sub advisors and traders that operate the strategies. Neal Rau is in training and will be an employee upon completion, but is not an employee at this time.