LETS Strategy

LETS (Leveraged ETF Trading Strategy)

This strategy is designed to take advantage of the volatility in the market. We will integrate cost basis improvement techniques and the use of long and short ETFs such as QID and QLD, which are themselves leveraged, but we will not use margin to leverage our accounts. The basis for trading will be technical, using near term and midterm charts primarily, with the objective of securing short term gains. Wash Sales are expected from this strategy until such time as the strategy is adjusted. We also expect high degrees of associated volatility from this strategy.

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Thomas Kee
President & CEO
Managing Director
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Randy Swan
Sub Advisor
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Scott Kyle
Sub Advisor

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Brian Lavoie

Disclaimer: Randy Swan, Scott Kyle, and Brian Lavoie are all employees of other advisory firms and those resources are used to engage the strategies offered by Equity Logic. Thomas Kee is the only official employee, and one of his responsibilities is to manage and oversee the sub advisors and traders that operate the strategies. Neal Rau is in training and will be an employee upon completion, but is not an employee at this time.