Defined Risk Strategy

The Defined Risk Strategy (DRS) is an absolute return, Market-neutral strategy that does not rely on Market timing or stock selection. The primary goal of the DRS is to grow your wealth while protecting capital. The DRS allows investors to participate in the upward price movement in the stock market while reducing most of the downside risk.

By utilizing a hedged equity strategy that mathematically minimizes large losses in your portfolio in combination with a proprietary monthly option income strategy, the returns over 14.5 years are well above the Market average and are in the Top 1% of comparable managers over that time period.

Since its founding, the DRS has delivered in both performance and risk reduction (14.5 year inception-to-date) with GIPS(R) compliant and verified (through 12/31/10 by the Spaulding Group) after fee annualized returns of 9.02 at an annual Standard Deviation of only 8.1%, a Beta of .18 and a correlation to the stock market of only .18! Request more information


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Disclaimer: Randy Swan, Scott Kyle, and Brian Lavoie are all employees of other advisory firms and those resources are used to engage the strategies offered by Equity Logic. Thomas Kee is the only official employee, and one of his responsibilities is to manage and oversee the sub advisors and traders that operate the strategies. Neal Rau is in training and will be an employee upon completion, but is not an employee at this time.