Strategies that can achieve positive results in any market environment, regardless of economic conditions.

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Guided by the Investment Rate

The Investment Rate (IR) may be the most accurate leading longer-term stock market and economic indicator ever developed. We use it to guide our investment decisions. Founded in 2002 by Thomas H. Kee Jr., the President and CEO of Equity Logic, this simple, yet profoundly accurate longer-term economic model, has been able to predict every major market cycle in advance. The IR serves as our macroeconomic analysis, and helps keep us ahead of the curve.

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For CPA's & Investment Advisors

Investment advisors, CPAs, and other licensed investment professionals can leverage Equity Logic to offer proactive and hedged equity investments to their clients. Our model can help protect client assets and investment portfolios from severe market declines like the ones that have occurred in recent years, using strategies that also allow those same portfolios to participate on the upside when the market increases as well. Request more information to receive details.

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We Serve a Diverse Clientele

From individual investors, retirees, hedge funds and retirement plans, to licensed investment advisors, Equity Logic serves a diverse clientele whose similar objective is to engage in proactive equity-based investment strategies that can work in any market environment, regardless of economic conditions, regardless of market direction, and because the portfolios are managed professionally, without sacrificing time or lifestyle. Request more information.

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Always Invest in a Winning Team

Headshot TomHeadshot Tom
Thomas Kee
President & CEO
Managing Director
Headshot RandyHeadshot Tom
Randy Swan
Sub Advisor
Headshot ScottHeadshot Tom
Scott Kyle
Sub Advisor

Headshot BrianHeadshot Tom
Brian Lavoie

Disclaimer: Randy Swan, Scott Kyle, and Brian Lavoie are all employees of other advisory firms and those resources are used to engage the strategies offered by Equity Logic. Thomas Kee is the only official employee, and one of his responsibilities is to manage and oversee the sub advisors and traders that operate the strategies. Neal Rau is in training and will be an employee upon completion, but is not an employee at this time.